Future proofing the North Sea berry fruit industry in times of climate change

ClimaFruit will establish transnational cooperation between research institutions and the NSR berry fruit industry in order to maximize the implementation of innovative technologies. Thereby, the project will secure, sustain & grow the economic value of the industry under by developing a world leading Berry Fruit Cluster in the NSR to ensure investment opportunities, sustainable use of resources & the production of healthy food.
The project will produce methods to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry, superior plant material and future production strategies better suited to the NSR climate, as well as a virtual Soft Fruit Climate Change and Environment Centre, ensuring the continuous uptake of methods by the berry fruit industry.


1 – Building on our Capacity for Innovation

Area of Intervention

1.2 Building the transnational dimension of clusters and research and innovation networks


By connecting the horticultural sector with EU, regional & national governments, we will strengthen the future sustainability of the NSR berry fruit industry against risk from climate change & add value to secure the long-term future of NSR fruit industries.
A virtual NSR Soft Fruit Climate Change & Environment Centre will be formed by bringing together leading experts, commercial partners, consultants, industry boards & national & regional policy makers. ClimaFruit will ensure that public good outcomes are implemented to create lasting value throughout the NSR; in the short term to secure crops under threat & in the long term to position ourselves to capture future opportunities. Further aims are:

  • Reducing chemical use & the carbon footprint of horticultural production systems, provide long term economically & ecologically sustainable solutions around optimal use of water, nutrients & chemicals. Secure the production of locally grown fruit, providing fresh healthy food products & natural ingredients for foods with reduced chemical residues;
  • Creating new business opportunities that contribute to local economies in the processed & food sector by developing new & improved food products for & from the region;
  • Overcoming existing risks & demonstrating the opportunity to grow the berryfruit industry in the NSR via increased production of both fresh & processed berry products;
  • Developing a cluster of experts within the NSR ensuring the establishment of a world-leading berryfruit hub focused on implementing sustainable & healthy solutions;

Expected Outcomes

  • Virtual Soft fruit Climate Change Environment Centre
  • Sustainable production solutions reducing the carbon footprint of the berry fruit industry
  • Novel plant material and production strategies for protected culture to reduce the likelihood of crop loss from climatic events
  • Database of chemical fruit composition & variability in response to sustainable production practices / varaible climate & climate extremes
  • Scientific community recognition, min 14 International articles & min 8 international conference presentations
  • Series of grower & producer-specific guidelines and web-based predictive and decision tools

Norsk prosjekteier

Universitetet for Miljø og Biovitenskap


01.10.2009 - 30.09.2013


Total: 6 065 233 €


Andre partnere

Department of Horticulture, Aarhus University (AU)
Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Agriculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences, Norwegian Univeristy of Life Sciences (UMB)
Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI)
Fruit Research Institute (OVA) Jork