The project will support development of safe communities by improving abilities in protecting human life and the environment, both natural and physical, as well as the cultural heritage and certain uniquely fragile ecosystems in the Baltic Sea Region. The project will promote safe industrial development and cooperation on spatial planning and sustainable land use management, thereby contributing to creating safe communities in the region and mitigating the risks for cross border effects of disasters. Project will highlight the lesson learnt from previous accidents. The project will strengthen transnational, cross-sectoral and multi-level cooperation to increase safety of the population, protection of the environment and sustainable development in countries and societies adjacent to the Baltic Sea. Partnerships and mutually advantageous interaction among the Baltic Sea States and the European Commission are to be established.

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17.03.2003 - 16.01.2005


Norsk bidrag: 80000 Kjell

Total: 737822 €

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