The main aim of the present project is to create a network of public authorities where Salmon and Rivers and Culture has a strong impact within the socio-economic life of the areas, in order to exchange experiences on different sustainable development issues such as : economic impact of activities linked to angling, environmental issues, networking and use of NTI, tourism development, etc. The project involves local and regional authorities (6 from EU member states and 1 from Norway) that have, at least 1 ‘salmo’ species river or 1 historical salmon river within their territory. On a short term basis, and in accordance with Networks type of operations, only costs related to actions such as seminars, conferences, Web sites, databases, study trips and exchange of staff in order to exchange experience and pass on expertise will be funded. In that sense, the results and activities of the project would be as follows: – Elaboration of common working papers for the Conferences (studies) on the different issues to be treated in Conferences and Seminars. – Exchange of experiences and workshops. – Organisation of 4 Thematic Conferences (in Spain, Finland, UK and Ireland) in and 1 Final Conference in Sweden. – Edition of the results and working document and update and increase of the existing information carried out during the preparation phase (web page, database of contacts, etc.). – Creation of a wider and sustainable network of public authorities – Project Visibility and Public Awareness Campaign On a long term basis, the project should contribute to the recuperation and better uses of the rivers resources, contributing in such way to the socio-economic and cultural development of the municipalities involved in the project, as well as to the creation of a sustainable forum of transregional exchanges and information.