The project will create a network of vanguard incubation centres and regional development agencies from participating partner regions, which reciprocally support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in expanding their business abroad. Successful cross-border business start-ups and expansions and its effects on regional development mainly depends upon the viability of the business concept in the foreign market and on the range and quality of local support available. The project draws on the experience and skills of successful incubators and development organisations in evaluating the opportunities, bottlenecks and risks facing businesses, and in training, coaching and mediating entrepreneurs in expanding their business abroad. >Project activities include intensive business plan training and coaching preparing entrepreneurs to set up cross-border expansion strategies, regional and trans-regional matchmaking activities furthering the cooperation between SMEs and matching expansion strategies with much needed financial support, and supporting virtual communities generating and transferring a wealth of hands-on business experience and advice for cross-border business expansion. >The project will result in tangible benefits for participating organisations and regions. Regional communities are strengthened through new business start-ups and expansions leading to new employment and increased revenue opportunities. Spatial and regional development is supported through the creation of a new collaborative business development structure that is trans-regional, sustainable and transferable to other European regions. More specifically, the project promotes a) the transfer of goods, services, human resources and know-how, b) the exchange of experience on innovative international business development support structures, and c) the creation of new forms of cross-border cooperation between regional development organisations. As a result the competitiveness of participating regions in the trans-regional and global business environment is strengthened, new jobs and vocational training positions will be created.


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01.01.2004 - 01.06.2006


Total: 1732500 €