General STBR objectives: – Strengthening of cooperation between BEAR and BEATA and other partners in transport in the Region, – Helping decision makers at all levels have common understanding of transport problems and see the Region as a single transport area, – Promoting sustainable development in the Region so that the whole of BSR is positively effected. Policy and organisational objectives: – Identifying the development needs of transport network and services, – Creating structured cooperation at all levels (local, regional and national, including ministries of transport and EU), as well as between the countries concerned, – Creating strong ties and concrete forms of cooperation with the transport authorities of NW Russia, – Assisting transport authorities (including Russia) to plan and develop the region’s transport infrastructure and services jointly and more effectively, – Developing concrete investment programs and improvement plans in transport sector, – Creating a system for follow-up. Functional objectives: – Immediate and concrete improvement measures in regional transport are identified and implemented in the Nordic Countries and Russia, – Isolating effects of borders and transport bottlenecks need to be mitigated and eventually eliminated, – Supply of inter-regional transport services is harmonised and expanded across the borders.

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01.01.2003 - 31.12.2005


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