Sustainable Historic Towns

The central objectives of the project are to integrate heritage values to the sustainable development and policies of local community by developing professional tools for better management of urban historic areas. Cross-sector co-operation and specified research activities will develop regional and local strategic guidelines by using the synergy between national, regional and local authorities as well as the local community. The proper maintenance and good management of built heritage is also seen as an economic factor and meets the needs for sustainable development. The project enhances values of cultural heritage as local, unique attraction and embodiment of identity, economical resource and factor of social integration. It improves management tools by developing inventory methods and works out strategies for integrated urban conservation plans. Research studies on indicators for the built environment will be stimulated and tested in management processes. The project promotes development of good examples of democratic participation of local communities in the planning process. It develops innovative ways of integrating development plans, methods on management and sustainable development of the identity of historic towns in the BSR. The pilot studies include training of local experts and consultants in successful management of urban heritage.

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31.01.2003 - 31.01.2006


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