Program: Nordlig Periferi

Young Entrepreneur Factory

The project’s aim is to design and pilot a programme of activities to develop entrepreneurial thinking within groups of young people from 16 to 25 years to foster their business attitudes, ideas and skills to create viable and sustainable businesses.

Sustainable Model for Arctic Regional Tourism

The Sustainable Model for Arctic Regional Tourism will assist the arctic tourism sector (mainly local small- to medium-sized tourism businesses and other local stakeholders) to develop positive economic, social and environmental benefits from tourism based on the unique cultural and natural environment of the North.

Structure for Commercialisation of Rural Innovation

This innovative project aims to exchange skills and experience between research institutions, academia and the public and private sectors in order to create a more dynamic use of the skills which are used for the sustainable exploitation of innovative ideas.


Impregnation of timber is one of the biggest sources of heavy metal pollution in Europe. SIBLARCH aims to develop Siberian larch as an environmentally sound alternative to impregnated timber in the Northern Periphery.

SCRI In Action

The main objectives of the project are, within rural peripheral regions, to: • Build on the successful work developed in the original SCRI project • Make practical use of knowledge gained from the SCRI project • Put the acquired transnational theory into practice • Demonstrate a new integrated approach to successfully develop and work with micro and SMEs • Develop a new financial support mechanism for business start-ups • Relate back to findings in the SCRI project, and integrate any new understanding • “Hand hold” the participating micro/SMEs throughout the process, taking a “hands on” approach • Increase the competence of the micro/SMEs as well as the participating partner organisations • Increase the number of successful businesses in the region.

Safety at Sea

The overall aim of the project is to enhance maritime safety in the Northern Periphery. The project will engage in five strands of work related to enhancing maritime safety in the Northern Periphery:


Interactive and innovative road management of low traffic volume roads through an technical information exchange across the Northern Periphery.


Promotion of natural stone industry in the northern areas


Participation in Rural Communities by Young Broadband Users.

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