SCRI In Action

The original SCRI project aimed to fill a gap perceived in rural, peripheral regions of elements required for the successful generation and growth of micro and small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Building on the success of the SCRI project (which ended in January 2005), the extension implements the process emerging from joint understanding of the various international experiences. While the SCRI project focussed specifically on 4 areas (entrepreneurial development, knowledge transfer, company spin-out and distributed support), SCRI in Action focuses on the combination of all these sectors in a way which is relevant to the needs of the local partner communities. In addition, a focus in this phase will be on finding solutions to the remaining issue of securing decentralised, different types of funding for start-up companies, and the co-operation between small and large companies. This will, in effect, put into practice and demonstrate the methodology developed during the SCRI project, which will enhance innovative business development in the region.

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Kunnskapsparken i Bodø


01.08.2005 - 31.07.2006


Total: 415800 €

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