Nature Based Tourism

The importance of creating an arena for developing and discussing nature based tourism across borders is therefore vital, as many of the solutions are common for all countries and can best be tackled in a transnational environment. This project will work with small scale tourism companies to exchange ideas and experiences, encourage collaboration, develop products, and promote nature based tourism. The project has three main goals: 1. To develop a model for integrating market knowledge on nature based tourism, in order to have better informed product development and appropriate marketing activities 2. To strengthen the quality and environmental attributes of the nature based tourism product in the Northern Periphery area, and thereby contribute to sustainable product development 3. To develop knowledge, build networks, and encourage innovation, best practice, business development and a sustainable ethic in nature based tourism The project will create an arena for a transnational network, that will be an ambassador for the whole area, and which will involve a wide range of actors in promoting nature based tourism in a sustainable manner throughout the Northern Periphery area.

Norsk prosjekteier

Landsdelsutvalget for Nord-Norge og Nord-Trøndelag


01.01.2004 - 31.12.2006


Total: 1291500 €