Ancient Times

The objectives are to preserve and further develop cultural heritage sites of the participating partner regions according to visitors’ demands and in an ecological way. The aim is to attract sustainable + environmentally friendly tourism to the region, to strengthen the city’s/regions image, preserving the cultural heritage & developing it into tourism attractions at the same time. Local history is connected to the history of the whole BSR and Europe, which shall be focused on by common themes, cross-border tourism products + events related to happenings of importance for the developments in Europe in ancient times in order to promote the common cultural heritage for an increased identification of citizens with their European roots. The project intends to open eyes in the public for ancient times in the BSR + the link between cultures. Visitors shall be educated and entertained with the aim to create unique experiences, connected to the regions heritage. Professional visitor management for such sites is also an objective in order to guarantee a certain quality level + the protection of the site and its environment.


  • Dahl, Kyrre


31.01.2002 - 31.01.2004


Norsk bidrag: 2960000 Kjell

Total: 1369200 €

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