Barents 2010

The creation of a long-term Strategy and Action Plan for the Barents co-operation is the central objective of the project. In parallel with the development of the Strategy and Action Plan, a number of Pilot Actions will be executed. Specific problems for the development of the industry in the region, focusing on the Forestry, Minerals and Offshore sector, will be analysed in one of the Pilot Actions proposed. The lack of co-operation between the universities in the Region should be analysed and proposals for improvement presented. Problems with Transport and Infrastructure will be analysed in close co-operation with the INTERREG III B Baltic Sea project on Sustainable transports in the Barents region. Problems concerning water quality and biodiversity should be highlighted and proposals for improvement presented. Exchange of available information has proved to be a problem in practice. By introducing and Internet based Information system, the co-ordination of Barents co-operation activities between regional-, national-, and trans-national levels should be improved and thereby increase efficiency and save resources. These Pilot Actions will interact and serve as input to the Plan. Successful Pilot Actions will also be given priority in the next phase of the Barents co-operation. The Pilot Actions will focus on common and co-ordinated concrete actions to be taken in order to improve the sustainable living conditions in the whole region. Proposal on the most functional and practical co-operation between central and regional level will be presented. The Pilot Actions are: – Industry development focusing on 3 sectors (Forestry, Minerals and Off-shore) – Higher education – Environment – Transport and Infrastructure

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Nordland fylkeskommune


01.07.2003 - 30.06.2006


Norsk bidrag: 4800000 Kjell

Total: 1512000 €

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