Connect BSR

Problem to be addressed: The main challenge for many regions around the Baltic Sea is to create new jobs and stimulate value creation (value added) in a more competitive and global economy. Old industrial structures are rapidly declining and new jobs and firms that are able to sustain competition on an international level must be developed continuously, in order to revitalise the economy in a sustainable way. If the existing polycentric system of the Nordic and the Baltic countries is going to persist, then the urban structure with the conditions for these kind of industrial development must be stimulated. The new industries are increasingly knowledge intensive and it is necessary to compete on knowledge, innovation and skills in order to be competitive on a global scale. Medium sized urban regions like the urban regions (including the capital regions) of the countries around the Baltic Sea are either too small or they lack the necessary programmes and networks with the business community in order to be a competitive alternative by them selves. CBSR is establishing a network which creates the necessary critical mass for the regions. Central Objectives: The overall objective is to stimulate new firms and job creation in the knowledge intensive sectors, by linking entrepreneurs and innovators with R&D, service providers, venture capitalists and partners. Project period target is establish Connect organisations through out the Baltic Sea Region and by end of 2005 – through the Connect network – to help creating 1000 new knowledge intensive firms, 20.000 new jobs (directly and indirectly) and 1bill. Euro in private venture capital. The long-term objective – by 2010 ? is to help creating 3 -5.000 new knowledge intensive firms, 50 – 100.000 new jobs and 5 – 10 bill. Euro in private venture capital into these companies. Expected outcome: The establishment of Connect Nordica which is up and running common Connect network covering most of the Baltic Sea Region. There is Connect organisation in the three Baltic States built up and running as well as The Connect Norway and four regional connect organisations. Also Finland has Connect Finland office and three regional organisations. A clear list of candidates from the rest of the Baltic Sea Region is made who are ready to join the network, either through INTERREG III B or directly.

Norsk prosjekteier

Oslo Teknopol IKS


25.06.2010 - 31.05.2004


Norsk bidrag: 13800000 Kjell

Total: 2356200 €