Destination Viking – Baltic Sea

Problem to be addressed: The main objective of the project «Destination Viking – Baltic Sea» is to develop the concept «Vikings» into an universally recognized and borderless tourism destination. In order to contribute to an enhanced cultural integration in the Baltic Sea region, the project will focus on the following. Cultural and academic developments in East and West have to be bridged with focus on shaping of joint historic heritage both local, national and regional identities. Travel restrictions during the «Cold War» made it difficult for people to apprehend the full extent of the Viking heritage as well as information strategies have been different from each other. At same time language barriers and social segregation causes barriers for mutual understanding. The way cultural heritage is incorporated into the planning processes also varies a great deal, and we will try and increase awareness of the need of integrated spatial planning to all partners. Central Objectives: Our central objective is to achieve a better management of our common cultural heritage. This will be achieved by presenting a diversified picture of the Vikings to a broader range of the population through a more involving type of presentation. The new Baltic Sea Viking Route will be marketed and promoted through an efficient marketing organisation which will be established in co-operation with the tourism industry and local, regional and national authorities. Through the Viking Heritage Magazine, knowledge about the Viking Age will be made available to a broad audience in a style and format that appeals to a larger audience, and the same applies to the web-presentations planned. Lead Partner: Region Scania, Sweden Contact Person: Mr Björn M Jakobsen (, Tel. +46 40 45 68 40


10.09.2002 - 31.12.2004


Norsk bidrag: 1488000 Kjell

Total: 1278211 €